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Day 4. Rule to follow

I added matting to the children's pattern design artwork and they looked fabulous. We will display them in the class room. In fact I think it would be fun to do an art show for the kids towards the end of the school year, followed with reception where the families could attend. It would be so rewarding for the children to show off their wonderful art work...

I arrived the building dodging the pouring rain. I walked through the hallway approaching the classroom. The 6 year old girl gave me a bright smile of excitement, as she grabbed one of the handle of the art bag to help me carry in all the art supplies. As I sat down the older boy, that I got to work with last week was present and ready to learn. Two younger siblings also sat down next to me.
Today we are going to learn about the Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso. I showed them some of Picasso's cubist portraits and went in details explaining today's art project. The younger siblings hesitated at first, but when they gave i…

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